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We publish largely online, so one good way to see samples of the Press's work is to follow the links on our Appendices and The Press Online pages. But for paper work, we want to offer a few leaves here. #


A Book of Encouragement, ed. Kathrin Weber (1999)

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This Holy Hieroglyph: Providence and Historical Consciousness in the Historiography of George Bancroft (1999)

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Lore of Pipeweed and Other Wisdom (1998)



A Six-Year Diary in Four Seasons (1998-1999)

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Other media

The Ann-a-Gram, bi-monthly newsletter (2000- )



Advent bulletin cover (2003)

Advent 2003 bulletin cover


Advent novena-candle jackets, set of five, on vellum (2001)

Advent John Thumbnail


The Declaration of Independence Flag

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Psalm Calendar, digital type on paper (2003)

Calendar thumb


satellite booking banner ads, commercial copy and digital graphics (2003)

satellite ads


Stereographs, digital prints on paper (2001- )



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