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Since the advent of digital photography made the risk of shooting doublets easier to stomach, we've been experimenting with stereoscopic photographs (stereographs), a genre of photography and publishing that flourished between 1850 and 1920 — but now is all but unknown.

For viewing these, you can purchase stereoscopes at Reel 3D Enterprises (among other places). #

Shot with a Kodak DX3600 camera and made using FreeHand, GraphicConverter, and FileMaker.


This is one of the first we shot and still one of the very best:


This one presents a wide range of multi-dimensional fields of view. (Don't miss the reflection in the toaster.)


Here's a great Easter display created by Kriss Marion (a friend of the Press), captured in the setting sun at Grace Evangelical Covenant Church in Chicago:


And here's one that proves a theory we're developing — that boringly monochromatic photographs can make the best stereographs:

Tomatoes Stereograph

We use a standard point-and-shoot digital camera, so for now we're limited to still lifes (or to subjects capable of following orders to hold still). These samples are presented at screen resolution; to acquire high-resolution prints — which offer a dramatically superior stereoscopic effect — please contact us at sales@octothorp.us.

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