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Here's a guide to the various pages here at Octothorp.us that unfold our portfolio. #

The Press Online

Here's where we clue you in (and link you) to all the sites we produce, some for ourselves but mostly for others. »

Type in Print and Imagery

Here's your chance to page through some of our past projects, emphasizing printed material not available online. »


And here's info about sub-sites, resources, or services provided by the Octothorp Press. »


Also, don't miss:

About the Press

Learn a little more about the vision and undertakings of the Octothorp Press. »

Boilerplate Series

This unit not labeled for individual sale. The beverage you are about to enjoy is extremely hot. Some restrictions apply. »

Wasted-Domain Wish List

We have bought domain names. We will undoubtedly buy more domain names. But here are some we can't buy that we wish we could — and that are being sadly underused. »


You can see what we've done easily enough around this site (especially via these portfolio pages and the Boilerplate Series and Wasted Domains sections). But what can we do for you? Let us know at sales@octothorp.us.


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