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The Octothorp Press is the labor of love of Jon Boyd — or at least, it's the name he gives to his labors of love connected with typography. In the classic sense of that term, the Press holds in view as many aspects of page making as possible, from typesetting to server administration.

We focus (naturally enough in these times) on desktop and web publishing, and so we very rarely truly press anything. But hand-made book production does lie within our powers, and some of our favorite productions feature individually assembled or lettered elements. (See the Portfolio section for more information about our productions both online and off-.)

For information about the meaning of our name, see About the Octothorp (#).


Here are few more relevant pages about the Octothorp Press:

About the Octothorp (#)

A glyph of many names — pound, number, hash — the octothorp is the symbol of the Press for several reasons. »


Good books and good websites deserve praise, and what people praise reveals something about who they are. So here we tell you about books and sites that underlie the Press's design and editorial philosophy. »

To get in touch, please email us at info@octothorp.us.

If you're curious to meet our neighbors, you can see who on the web is near us via GeoURL.

All first-person plurals on this site are purely editorial. #


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