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We offer a series of products featuring out-of-context lines drawn from the fine-print of our culture to provoke thought and (we hope) a smile or two. Several of them are now available for sale in our Octothorp Press Store.

Boilerplate is text you've certainly seen before, but perhaps never read. And yes, we're being funny, ironic, political, sarcastic, and a little silly. We call it the Boilerplate Series.

We have 118 Boilerplate Series items so far, but here are the latest ten we've added:

Apply Liberally to Affected Area

Paper or plastic?

Attempted, Not Known

While Supplies Last

You Don't Have Sufficient Privileges

Do Not Disturb

Wash Me


Batteries Not Included

Take a Penny, Leave a Penny

On sale now at our Octothorp Press Store hosted by Café Press:

Inquire Within Inquire Within
Artists Subject to Change without Notice Artists Subject to Change without Notice
The Beverage You Are About to Enjoy Is Very Hot
Obey Obey Your Signal Only
Terms and Conditions May Apply
Sanitized for Your Protection

And here are thumbnails for our past Boilerplate Series specials — which are available for sale on demand. Click for complete info:


Artists subject to change without notice.


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