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Wasted-Domain Wishlist

We've been known to purchase an internet domain now and again. On our Portfolio: Online page you can see the ones we're actively developing. But there are plenty that we wish somebody weren't squatting on, parking, or redirecting. (See the WD3's official definition of "wasted domain" for detailed criteria.)

So here is our ever-growing wishlist of wasted domains. Even if we wouldn't really develop them ourselves, we think it's a shame to let these languish.

We have honored 373 wasted domains so far. You can explore the whole set via the categories or by using the search box, both at the right.

Here are the latest dozen we've added:

johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt.com :: 5 August 2006
midwife.com :: 23 April 2006
painmanagement.com :: 22 April 2006
10cm.com :: 21 April 2006
falselabor.com :: 20 April 2006
fullydilated.com :: 19 April 2006
fullterm.com :: 18 April 2006
40weeks.com :: 17 April 2006
duedate.com :: 16 April 2006
cryforhelp.com :: 14 April 2006
aprilfools.com :: 1 April 2006
blingbling.com :: 31 March 2006

Disclaimer: Most posting dates before 24 May 2003 are guesses. Only the month (and often not even that) is accurate.



We're not going to tell you our wished-for domains that are still available, because we wouldn't want to tempt you to squat on them. That would make us angry. #


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