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2 June 2003

We can't believe we didn't think of this one earlier. We add it to our growing list of irony-laden wasted domains. In fact, it has prompted the creation of an entire category, now bringing you the finest in ironically-wasted domains.

It also gives us occasion to pass along the official definition of wasted domain from the international governing body for such cases, the WD3 (Wasted Domain Decision Directorate):

"A domain registration is wasted if it meets any of the following criteria:
  • It serves no web content.
  • It is parked with a registrar.
  • It redirects to a site whose content is not obviously related in meaning.
  • Worst of all, if it pretends that it isn't wasted either (i) by saying it's "under construction" or "coming soon," (ii) by displaying supposed search or topical content, or (iii) by offering itself for sale.
This ruling represents the official position of the WD3, namely that registrants should poop or get off the pot."


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