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Q: What is an
A: The Octothorp Press takes its name and logo from the printer's traditional name for a very common mark, the #. You probably know this glyph by one of its other names: the number or numeral sign, pound sign, or hash. {read on}


The Octothorp Press makes text objects. We publish in multiple media, from websites to short-print-run books to t-shirts and stereographs.

Our newest offering: the "Bag Lock" t-shirt. →

Bag Lock T

For complete information, read about the Press and view our portfolio of projects both online and off-.

Some of the sites we produce:

The Ann-a-Gram
Boyds' Nest News

Dropped Third Strike

Of particular note (or at least particular silliness) is our Boilerplate Series of irony- and double-entendre-laden t-shirts, mugs, bibs, and more. All proceeds (in the unlikely event any should arise) go toward further Octothorp Press projects.

    Ban Bumper Stickers

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