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These Boilerplate Series items are currently on sale at our Octothorp Press Store. Just follow the links to purchase any of our great t-shirts, mugs, bibs (seriously), and bumper stickers.

What's more, we'd love to cook up any of our Boilerplate Series items just for you. If you don't see the line you like listed here, let us know by email (at sales@octothorp.us), and we'll gladly set it up for you at no additional cost.

Inquire Within

16 August 2003 :: On Sale Now :: Self-Awareness :: Spiritual Things

Artists Subject to Change without Notice

9 June 2003 :: Fine Arts :: On Sale Now :: Self-Awareness

The Beverage You Are About to Enjoy Is Very Hot

29 April 2003 :: Oddities :: On Sale Now :: Warnings

Obey Your Signal Only

25 April 2003 :: On Sale Now :: On the Road :: Political :: Self-Awareness :: Spiritual Things

Terms and Conditions May Apply

10 March 2003 :: On Sale Now :: Self-Awareness

Sanitized for Your Protection

30 June 2002 :: On Sale Now :: Self-Promotion


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